Saturday, April 28, 2007

Males and other animals

This is not to say that all males are animals, or that all animals are males. Nor are all animal characters in romances either male or female.

That said, this author, is at the Romantic Times Convention, where thoughts turn to the essential and decorative ingredients that make a romance novel charming, and it occurred to me that across all genres, animals play a role in a good book.

Linnea Sinclair has Furzels in her science fiction romances.
My alien royalty keep black tigers as impressive an intimidating house pets.
Deborah MacGillivray has cats in her historical and contemporary paranormal romances.
I've read about crime-solving cats.
I've loved books about shapeshifters, where men turn into dragons, bears, wolves, seals....

So I thought I'd open up cyberspace to an author blog across all genres, to talk about our animal characters, how animals inspire our creativity and move our plots, and even influence our heroes.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

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