Saturday, June 9, 2007

What Josh said on Werewolves

Josh's remarks are too cool to be left in "Comments"

When I asked what would happen if a werewolf guzzled chocolate, Josh (author of PET HATES) said...

Werewolves and chocolate? Real (high-cacao) chocolate would certainly excite them as their livers would be intermediate between humans' and dogs' at metabolising theobromine. There's a possibility that they could have fatal seizures. On the other hand if you palmed them off with the inferior so-called chocolate that many Brits seem to love then they might explode with rage.

As for animals with strange, expanding genitalia (of the sort that develops a natural "anchor" to keep the male parts inside the female parts for prolonged coitus).

Josh said...

Interrupted mating? There's a possibility that you'd be severely bitten! The genital tie is very firm.

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