Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mules, Males and other animals

I love talking to people. I ought to do it more often!

On today's Crazy Tuesday show, I chatted with some animal-lovers who happen to be authors. Some are most definitely kindred spirits, and there's at least two books I'm going to treat myself to before Christmas.

Among the characters trotted out to meet me was Pretty Bottom, a proud porcupine; Christopher-the-Assassin, a cat; Nova the cowardly dog who once overcame his fear to chase a bear... which reminds me of the cartoon "Courage"; a parakeet named Jubilee who likes Bonnie Tyler and The Randy Rogers Band; Miz Fuzz the cat with her own boom box; Foutchie the foot fairy; an exotic bird that throws seeds; Socrates the wise --and wise-cracking mule who believes that sterility improves the masculine mind and ability to cogitate; a pet chicken of a Warrior Trainer; Guinevere the skunk; a terrifying cat who takes his toys to water but can't make them drink; some extremely smart ravens; and a deliriously happy guinea pig.

Oh! And a 300 year old gentleman who is trapped in the body of a cat. I can't begin to imagine (well, I can) all the things he's forgotten how to do, and all the new things he has to learn once he finds a lady who can lift the spell in A Cat O'Nine Tales.

Rowena Cherry

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