Monday, April 30, 2007

man / animal

Personally, I tend to think of all my heros as an animal of some sort. Yeah, yeah, men are human (most of our alien heros have a human-like personna otherwise he would be hard for our readers to fall in love with him). But honestly, all the male characters in our books can tend to piggish, prissy, arrogant, fercious, feral, etc. Just about any adjective that can be attached to an animal can be attached to our men. So...what, I ask you is this difference between a hero and an animal with really good pecks and a tight bun?

Well, damn then, the best heros tend to use their brains sometimes--usually at an inconvenient time for the heroine. Just when she has him going all primal on her--hubba, hubba!--he actually shows that he's a smart, intelligent person too. The silly man! Doesn't he understand that our heroine wants him to do just as she says? Oh wait...perhaps that's what makes him different from all the other men in the book--he actually does think! And (hopefully, think well!) *Sigh* Do you think perhaps a nice mixture of animal and human makes for a great hero? Perhaps that explains the perponderance of shapeshifters, huh?

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Rowena Cherry said...

The Greek god Zeus was the archetypical shapeshifter.