Saturday, May 5, 2007

Men and horses - or Freud says giddy up!

Ever notice how a 12-year-old girl can develop a grand love for her horse?

When I was twelve, I lived on the back of my horse. Out at first light, rode all day, swam together, ate together...we were inseparable. Mum had to come and drag me away at dark. I never made the jump from a young girl handling a 2000-pound animal to puberty hitting. However, Discovery Channel recently had a special showing that as puberty takes over the child and pushes her to be a young woman, it drives her to also seek out horses. Freud wasn't far wrong...mwahahah? A young girl learns through this experience―what does she learn? Well, that she is barely a hundred-pound lass, yet through smarts and misdirection she can control this beast and make it do as she wishes.

Nature pushes her to learn these things, that she―a mere slip of a female―can saddle and bridle these beasts of power (and some might say limited brainpower―though I won't). Horses are not smart. They have very small brains. Only, you should never underestimate them. They are tricksey elveses!! A horse who doesn't want a bit in his mouth quickly learns to gum it, so the rider THINKS they have seated the bit properly. They just spit it out and give you a horselaugh. If they don't want the saddle, they will suck air into their stomachs (they have several, another thing similar to man, methinks). In essence, they puff up like a blowfish. You tighten the girth, step into the stirrup―and POW―they will exhale and deflate. The saddle suddenly spins and will dump you on your arse!

Horses don't like to be approached from the rear where they cannot see. Again, men have similar aversions to someone sneaking up on their blindside. Horses can sleep standing up. Men have this ability, too! Horses adapt to repetition quickly. Again, I think males have this same characteristic.

So as you see, if a young lady can handle one of these monstrous will be a snap in handling her man!
Giddy Up Go!


Jacquie said...

And if they don't want to go the direction you want to go, they spin around in circles and work up quite a lather. Then, they look at you as if to say, "See all the hard work I did? And you're just sitting there."

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Yep...dead on. You can also bribe them with apples....mwahahaha