Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For the month:
Finished: Novella. It's true what they say, PLOTTING IS GOOD! Should do that more in 2009.

Do: Make some effort to holiday-ize the house. We did! We put up our minitree and dug out our Meowy Christmas Cats Caroling wreath, since clearly we have no shame or embarrassment left.

Plan: Gift purchases for THIS year. Sent out. At least some. Better a few than none!

And since this worked better than I thought it would, for the coming year:

Do: Two shorts and two novels. At least plotting. I could get to like this novella business, too. But it all requires more plotting than I'm used to. Guess I'll get used to it.

Straighten: Office. Seriously, when you have to pick your way throughthe space to get to the computer, it's time to clean and eradicate and straighten. And speaking of computer...

Replace: Computer. Sadly, my 1998 iMac is no longer up to thechallenge of modern-day requirements. It's been a good one, though. Time to do research. Technology has never been something I see eye-to-eye with, so this will be particularly challenging.

Launch: New website. It's up, but not quite done -- a few tweaks needed that my webhost, Bill Hibler, is addressing. The Hub and I have known Bill and his wife for many years, so I have full confidence that I'll be asking many stupid questions. It's that tech thing again. Check out, and get a glimpse of what's coming in the new year. If nothing else, I have all those eNotes articles I want to put up there. At last count it was something like 60.

Happy new year!
Eilis Flynn,,
ECHOES OF PASSION, coming in 2009

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